Esther Cimet, Martha Dujvone, Susana Dultzin, Néstor García Canclini, Francisco Reyes Palma
Cultura y sociedad en México y América Latina

Antología de textos

Colección Artes Plásticas
Serie Investigación y Documentación de las Artes
México, Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes/Dirección de Investigación y Documentación de las Artes/Centro Nacional de Investigación, Documentación e Información de Artes Plásticas

Discussing whether a cultural promotion program ought to preferably aim at promoting classical culture, or at rescuing regional traditions, presupposes the presence of different cultural areas in our country. Which groups correspond to these diverse manifestations? Are they compatible or not? What do we aim for when we vindicate one cultural form in spite of another? Why do we prefer classical to traditional music, or vice versa? Is it a national or a social group issue? When is someone said to be “cultivated”, and what does this have to do with “popular culture”? What will be the social repercussions of the cultural policy we adopt?

To answer these questions, and to have elements to guide cultural actions, diverse considerations have been developed in recent years by cultural promoters, social scientists, and artists. This volume is an anthology of texts written mostly to that end, by Mexican and Latin American authors. We have selected fragments of articles and chapters from books by authors from diverse standpoints, in order to present a wide and representative panorama.